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Life is a Story. We Each Write Our Own Life Story.

I create illustrations that bring these stories to life.

I am a professional freelance artist, illustrator, and animator. I capture special moments in life in the form of drawings and digital paintings.  I create illustrations for comics, graphic novels, comic strips, and develop characters for animated feature films.

From caricatures for personal use and business branding to elaborate backgrounds for blockbuster movies.

I invite you to join me on this magical journey as we explore many different life stories and adventures.


Logo & Identity


Illustration & Icons


Animated Graphics

Take Your Brand Beyond Just a Name and a Logo

Logo & Identity

A logo should not be just random shapes that look cool. A logo should help tell your story.

Color & Type

Color and font styles need to weave seamlessly into the fabric of your story. Get this wrong and it becomes a major distraction.

Illustration and Cartooning

Illustration can take on many forms and style. It’s important to chose the right form and style to help you tell your story more clearly. From simple black line art cartoons to elaborate detailed digital paintings, I will help you bring your story to life.

Motion & Interaction

From creating an animated 3D intro for your video presentation to developing an original animated short film nothing compares to watching your story and characters come alive on the screen.

Ready to Stand Out From the Crowd?


A Quick Look

Much of the work I do is contracted and the copyright belongs to the client, which means I don’t always own the rights to the finished designs.  I will now share with you a few samples of my work that will show you a wide variety of the unlimited possibilities that can be achieved. From the most simple line art cartoons that appear to be sloppy drawings, to caricatures, both simple and very detailed. From a simple purple gorilla for a kid’s story to a super sexy dancer rocking a pair of leg warmers. Here you’ll find an adorable alien  and even Bigfoot. There’s the classic sexy farmer’s daughter and a strong, beautiful galactic warrior. Who knows what you may see here.

You may laugh, cry, or scratch your head trying to figure out what you’re looking at on this page. That’s the fun and beauty of art. No life story is the same. Each story requires its own unique style when illustrating it and bringing that story to life.

All images below are original and copyrighted. All rights reserved.



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Eye see you!

T-Shirt design and comic illustration

The classic farmer's daughter

Hand drawn full color illustration

The Body Beautiful

Ink Study of the female form

Grape Ape

Simple character for children’s book

Radio personality

branding caricature for promotional poster

mean streets

dramatic illustrations evoke strong emotions

Eating Healthy

Single panel Simple line art cartoon

Modern Genie

Photo manipulation

Counting Sheep

Simple color illustration for kid’s book

Background For Animated Series

Still image, but windows and tv screen will be animated

Let's Dance

Comic and Graphic novel Illustration

how to wear leg warmers

digital painting illustration

Cha Cha The Clown Caricature Portrait

Very Detailed digital painting


Editorial style cartoon illustrations

All Creatures Great and Small

Branding caricature

trouble doesn't knock

Dramatic Black and white graphic novel illustration

You can own the stage

Branding caricature for website and printed material

Funny Little Alien

Character created for kid’s book

Mountain Man

Branding caricature for website and printed material

Realistic Caricature Portraits

 Hi-Res caricature Portraits for Framing.  Makes great gifts


What People Are Saying About My Custom Art & Designs

“I can’t believe it. It’s perfect! The skin looks so soft and realistic. I can’t stop looking at it.”

Elisabeth B. Private Client

“The caricature looks amazing. I will use this in so many ways. The video you created left me speechless. I have no clue how you did that. I would have never thought of doing something like that. It is such a unique approach. I love all of it.”

William S. Private Client

“The caricatures and the flyer design worked like a charm. It got our prospect’s attention and set us apart from our competitors. We want you to create another promotional piece for us soon. It exceeded our expectations in every way. The quality of the art work was amazing. Most of our customers put the flyer on their refrigerator because of the illustration you drew. You rock, dude!”

Bailey T. & Dan T. Landscape Maintenance and Design

“Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did. Everyone went crazy over it. Thank you for making this one of the best gifts I have ever given anyone. I don’t know how you do it, but keep doing it.”

Keely B. Private Client